My 5 daily routines

Our daily routines make a huge impact in our lives. Since I started college, my routine started to change and there are top five routines that I usually do to get me more organized and pumped up for the rest of the day though some routines that I need to suit my body, I will let you know why. So read on

Let’s get started

But FIRST coffee…


College is all about term papers, research, and presentation. There are days where you won’t get enough sleep and the only way for you to be awake is to drink coffee. I usually drink 3 cup of coffees in a day but when I was on my 4th year it became 6 times a day because of the feasibility works – some of you would say, “woah, you’re a little bit crazy” and yes I went over the usual drinking of coffee a day and it led me to a minor surgery because of an acid reflux.

Make sure of your coffee intake because there are coffees that have a lot of acidities. After one month of recovery, I started drinking coffee again but this time drinking coffee the right way.

and who will say “NO” to coffee?

Second, I make sure I will not skip exercise


Either stretching or a workout. Wil Dasovich will always say stretch within the day. Watching his vlogs made a huge impact in my life and it helped me a lot. Stretching or working out helps you to regain more strength, and lets you release the stress. Plus, it makes you healthier.

Third, drinking lots water


People say “Drink 8 glass of water a day” but I say drink more than that. I don’t deprive myself of drinking more because it became a habit drinking 1.5 Liter of water for two hours. Drinking water also makes your skin better.

Fourth, my quiet time/devotion


24 hours per day, no matter how busy I am throughout the day. I always make sure I have my quiet time. It helps me to re-evaluate myself, disconnect myself from the world especially on social media. Having a quiet time helps me connect with God.

Fifth, smile


The world will always say negative things for me to handle those things. For me, to handle that is by smiling and everything will be alright as long as you do your task right.

So, here’s my daily routine.

Until Next time, peace out from Hannah G.

Psalm 119:97-104


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