Theo’s food truck POINT

Kite Beach Jumeirah has a lot of food trucks and one of them is Theo’s Point. Theo is a traveler, even so, his vision is to live a balanced life. He wanted to make an impact on other people that he will be bumping into. Check their website for the whole story.


We say food is life, so eating your food right would keep us healthier and stronger. Theo’s Point has meal plans that are suited for your body. They basically promote a healthy diet while enjoying your food at the same time. All ingredients they use are natural produced, homemade condiments and therapeutic spices.

Read until the end to know what I love about their food but for now here are the ones that I have already tasted:

High Protein Shawarma Wrap


It has pomegranates, teeka, onions, parsley and aromatic ginger tahini sauce. What I love about this is that, if you have been brought up in UAE, like me, shawarma would be a part of your life and a must-have for everyone. I have eaten a lot of these and ever since I tasted theirs, this is now one of my top 5 to-go places for shawarma.

High-protein Burger


This has pomegranate coleslaw and peanut turmeric kick sauce. Coleslaw is one of the things I love to eat but this, on a burger is just WOW. To be honest, when they served it I was not planning to even finish it up but when I took a bite, oh my, the coleslaw and the sauce really blended well. The side-on desert was a Pecan Sweet Potato Scones it tasted like a blueberry muffin. Ugh! It was so goood.

I tried their natural juices Orange Ginger Lemon and Pomegranate Ginger which I loved. One of my favorite homemade drinks is Salabat, wherein you boil ginger for about 5 mins, usually used by Filipinos to help cure sore throats or fever(sorry, TMI now). Anyway, that’s why I love their drinks because it has ginger in it.

Overall, their food does not only satisfy your appetite-you won’t feel bloated as well! I felt light after eating, and they digest really well. This means I will be giving Theo’s Point a thumbs up! Great place to eat by the beachside – Check! Healthy and tastes good – Check! Check! Check!

Follow and discover their Instagram account @theospoint – they will be on UberEats soon probably next week.

Until the next food review. Peace out- Hannah G.



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