Five recent favourite TV series

What I do during my free time? From the title itself,  yes I do watch a lot of tv series – English, and of course, KDRAMA is also known for Korean novella.

I will be sharing my recent favourite TV series.

1. The Flash


I love Bary Allen. Who doesn’t? My best friend introduced me this TV series and from season one, I got hooked up on the series. In every intro of the episode Bary Allen has His own line where He will say, “My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive…”  and man I love how He says that always.

Their season three finale was a shocked. Sorry for spoiling you guys, but I never saw that coming that Barry will leave Iris (His Fiancé).

2. Supergirl


When I was in my first year of High school it was the time of Smallville a series about the story of Superman. I was a huge fan of that series where I will keep every season in one DVD and played all over again. Why am I telling you this? Because I want too. Haha.

Kara Denvers or Supergirl showed that not every people with powers/authority can be perfect they can fail and with the help of the people around her She can get through them easily. There is hope in every situation.

3. How To Get Away with Murder


Every season and an episode of this series got me breathtaking. Like, every time I’ll be drooling and I would say, “what happens?”, “how did it happen?”, “but why?”, “did s/he really died?”.  Hands down to the Directors and Writers of this series.

From the title itself it talks about Murders, this involves one professor who has a legal clinic where She hired five top students from Her class that will help solve cases and themselves are involved also on murdering people.

4. Thirteen Reasons Why


Hannah Baker young woman who takes her own life and explained in the tapes the reasons why she committed suicide. What I liked about this series, it tackles the current problems of teenagers. I am a part of one church community where we handle youth and their I dedicate my life to teenagers who needs guidance. Watching the series breaks my heart because it’s a fact. It is really happening nowadays.

5. Fight for my way


A story of four people who knew each other since they were kids. Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra always look for each other without them knowing that they’re falling in love. Two of them are striving to reach their dreams on becoming TV announcer and MMA fighter.

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